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Canaan Wine Bar – A local culinary within 26.8 km from our kitchen.

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26.8, led by Chef Amos Hayon, is where our roots and love for the local community come together. Every day, the hardworking people in the area wake up early to work on the farm, gather ingredients, and contribute to our restaurant’s menu, which is sourced just 26.8 kilometers away.

The wine bar is a special place that celebrates the love for the land, the joy of life, and appreciation for Canaan and local artisans. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s where you can enjoy local food paired with an amazing wine experience.

The Concept


A movement was created to battle fast food. They’re into keeping our food traditions alive, using more plant-based and farm-raised meat, and promoting home gardening. The Slow Movement is all about slowing down life and staying close to where our food comes from.

The Values


Chef Amos Chion

Chef Amos Chion’s culinary journey starts in Hod Hasharon, surrounded by his grandmother’s orchards and strawberry fields. Growing up in the diverse Neve Hadar neighborhood, Chef Chion found a shared passion for cooking and hospitality among different cultures.

In this unique environment, he experienced a variety of flavors, from the Yemenite kobane of the neighbor across the street to the jars of pickled herring with pickles from the neighbor at the beginning of the street. After his military service, Chef Chion explored the world of professional kitchens driven by his love for culinary discovery. Despite working with Michelin-starred chefs globally, he felt a pull back to Israel, drawn by a sense of home, lively markets, enticing aromas, and the cultural mix that defines the region.

Chef Chion’s cooking philosophy is grounded in local produce. Inspired by morning walks through eggplant fields, vineyards, boutique dairies, local bakeries, and encounters with fishermen in Ashdod at dawn, he creates dishes that showcase a deep understanding of raw materials and a careful approach that brings out their full flavors. Chef Amos Chion, a culinary storyteller, infuses the essence of his homeland into each dish, celebrating the beauty of local ingredients and the diverse cultural influences of Israeli cuisine.